La Primitiva results: (18 - 25 - 27 - 29 - 38 - 39 - 44) Reintegro: (8) | 2022-08-13 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 21.000.000 € | Next draw La Primitiva: 2022-08-15 [Monday] *** SuperEnaMax results: (8 - 49 - 62 - 65 - 83 - 88 - 45) Bycza Liczba: (64) | 2022-08-13 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 172.000.000 € | Next draw SuperEnaMax: 2022-08-16 [Tuesday] *** EuroJackpot results: (14 - 32 - 34 - 38 - 46) : (2 - 5) | 2022-08-12 [Friday] | Next estimated jackpot: 10.000.000 € | Next draw EuroJackpot: 2022-08-16 [Tuesday] *** UK Lotto - National Lottery results: (15 - 22 - 42 - 49 - 50 - 54) Additional Number: (59) | 2022-08-13 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 5.000.000 £ | Next draw UK Lotto - National Lottery: 2022-08-17 [Wednesday] *** SuperEnaLotto results: (8 - 49 - 62 - 65 - 83 - 88) Jolly Number: (45) | 2022-08-13 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 254.800.000 € | Next draw SuperEnaLotto: 2022-08-16 [Tuesday] *** El Gordo results: (18 - 20 - 24 - 40 - 41) key number: (5) | 2022-08-14 [Sunday] | Next estimated jackpot: 5.800.000 € | Next draw El Gordo: 2022-08-21 [Sunday] *** France Lotto - National Lottery results: (11 - 17 - 37 - 38 - 39) Lucky Number: (2) | 2022-08-13 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 8.000.000 € | Next draw France Lotto - National Lottery: 2022-08-15 [Monday] *** Euro Millions results: (14 - 17 - 34 - 35 - 42) lucky stars: (6 - 10) | 2022-08-12 [Friday] | Next estimated jackpot: 65.000.000 € | Next draw Euro Millions: 2022-08-16 [Tuesday] *** SuperLotto Plus results: (1 - 12 - 25 - 42 - 45) Mega Ball: (9) | 2022-08-14 [Sunday] | Next estimated jackpot: 15.000.000 $ | Next draw SuperLotto Plus: 2022-08-17 [Wednesday] *** Power Ball results: (19 - 24 - 35 - 43 - 62) Red Ball: (2) | 2022-08-13 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 56.000.000 $ | Next draw Power Ball: 2022-08-17 [Wednesday] *** Mega Millions results: (23 - 24 - 50 - 54 - 64) Mega Ball: (3) | 2022-08-12 [Friday] | Next estimated jackpot: 82.000.000 $ | Next draw Mega Millions: 2022-08-16 [Tuesday] *** Oz Lotto results: (13 - 16 - 21 - 32 - 37 - 43 - 45) Sup.: (28 - 31 - 46) | 2022-08-09 [Tuesday] | Next estimated jackpot: 5.000.000 A$ | Next draw Oz Lotto: 2022-08-16 [Tuesday] *** Oz Power Ball results: (5 - 9 - 18 - 22 - 23 - 28 - 30) Power Ball: (3) | 2022-08-11 [Thursday] | Next estimated jackpot: 4.000.000 A$ | Next draw Oz Power Ball: 2022-08-18 [Thursday] *** Mega Sena results: (8 - 13 - 25 - 32 - 44 - 57) | 2022-08-13 [Saturday] | Next estimated jackpot: 27.000.000 R$ | Next draw Mega Sena: 2022-08-17 [Wednesday] ***

Euro Millions, SuperEna – statistics, systems and lotto draw results

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Through this website want to bring together and present the world's largest official lotteries and show how safely to play online via the Internet. Here you will find the latest information about lotteries: European lottery Euro Millions, Italian SuperEnalotto, English UK Lotto - National Lottery, American the largest lotteries PowerBall, Mega Millions and SuperLotto Plus, Australian lotteries Oz Lotto and Oz PowerBall, Spanish no tax lottery El Gordo, French France Lotto and Brazilian lottery Mega Sena. Coming soon is information about the Greek, Irish, Swedish, Finish, French, Belgian, Austrian and Swiss lotteries.

While we are not encouraging anyone to take up gambling, we would like to present the possibilities of playing online for the real millions that are available in the world's largest lotteries. It's enough to predict the numbers that come up in the relevant draw to win big cash prizes. For those who wish, it is possible to analyze the results of past draws (click on the logo of the lottery on the right). We encourage you to play our simulator draws, which (like the lottomat Lotto) select “pseudo-random” numbers. Note that this method, like any sampling method, is not completely random, hence the term, “pseudo.”

Everyone has their favorite dates and numbers, like birthdays or the proverbial "13." Often we find by chance in the results of the last lotto draw that our combination of numerological favorite occurred and we missed a chance to win. It happens! For example in Italy's SuperEnalotto the winning drawing of 30.10.2010 came through just such a twiset of fate. The Italian winner called his system of "la mamma" because his mother was 55 years old and 55 was the sixth winning number.

How do you start playing the lottery?

For 13 years PlayUKinternet has been allowing players all over the world to play the lottery online on the internet. This includes some of the world's biggest lotteries:

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules of play on our sweepstakes website. First, try your luck with our simulator draws with its detailed description of the lottery. These drawn or lined numbers may arise in the next lottery draw, and thanks to our portal you may manage to predict them and break the bank, which we hope you do.

How do you play online?

The first step is to create an individual account and register on the site. Confirmation of registration in the lottery system will be sent to your email address with an activation link that allows you to create an account through which you can safely bet on-line and safely manage your winnings, no matter how large. Your personal data is protected and used only for purposes related to servicing your account. Account registration is free and does not commit you to anything!

Lotto betting is simple and safe: all personal information and transactions are encrypted. Each player after registration has his own individual account with access to portfolio and transaction history. If you win, the system makes payment by bank transfer to a specified bank account or allows the exchange of cash won for vouchers.

Now you can play online with the world's largest lotteries European lottery Euro Millions, Italian SuperEnalotto, English UK Lotto - National Lottery, American the largest lotteries PowerBall, Mega Millions and SuperLotto Plus, Australian lotteries Oz Lotto and Oz PowerBall, Spanish no tax lottery El Gordo, French France Lotto and Brazilian lottery Mega Sena anywhere in the world, 24/7 and even on your mobile phone web browser!

After logging into your account you can play any selected lottery, send your lucky numbers and break the bank. Information on other lotteries is available on the pages "info lottery" (...)

Play for real millions!

If you have any questions - read the frequently asked questions.

Euro Millions Lottery (UE)


Euro Millions lotto draw results, rollover and the next draw date: - win up to 185 million Euro - win up to 185 million Euro

Check previous lotto results and EuroMillions lottery winnings

After logging into your account you may play any lottery – send your lucky numbers: in EuroMillions 5 from 50 and 2 extra from 11, in each lotto bet. Information on other lotteries is available at Lotteries info - Euro Millions Lotto -> SuperEna -> PowerBall -> Mega Millions -> UK Lotto - National Lottery.

EuroMillions idividual record jackpot: on Tuesday the 12th July 2011 in Grait Britain the EuroMillions lotto win record was broken: €185 million! Next Tuesday on the 17th June 2014 Euro Millions draw there is an jackpot of €15 million.

Hit the jackpot at Euro Millions lottery!

SuperEnalotto Lottery (Italy)


Our newest proposal to our lotto players introduced in Winter 2011! Try the scent of one of most exciting lotteries worldwide. Nothing compares to SuperEna!

Super Ena lotto results, rollover and the date of the next draw:

PlaySuperEnalotto and win up to 177,7 millions euro


Check previous lotto results and SuperEna lottery winnings

SuperEnalotto is one of the biggest worldwide lotteries. Perhaps is difficult to choose 6 winning numbers from 90, but if you do this you can stop working and live in richness all your life. Maybe this is the magic of SuperEnalotto. This lottery enjoys great popularity among players of the world despite of very small possibility to hit appropriate numbers. If you want to feel this magic create your account now and play SuperEnalotto ->.



PowerBall Lotto (USA)


Power Ball lotto results, rollover and the date of the next draw:

Play the biggest USA Lotteries

Play the biggest USA Lotteries

Check previous lotto results and Power Ball lottery winnings

PowerBall is an American lottery where the roll-over jackpot, just like in other lotto games, is divided among players who matched all drawn numbers. A PowerBall lotto player chooses 5 numbers from 1 to 59 (white balls) and one additional number from 1 to 39 (red Power Ball) for one draw. The minimum value of first degree pool – jackpot - is 20 million American dollars and is paid out in 30 annual instalments over the 29 consecutive years.

Each rollover increases the jackpot by at least $5 million (first rollover is at least $20 million.) The jackpot is annuitised and paid out progressively in 30 instalments; in case of, let’s say, a $15 million prize the first annual instalment would be about $267,000 and the last one about $834,000.

PowerBall lotto draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays at MUSL studio in West Des Moines, Iowa at 10:59 p.m. Eastern American Time (09:59 p.m. Central American Time). Occasional draws take place in other USA locations. On 18 February 2006 a prize of $365 million was son in Nebraska state. So far it’s been the largest single win in PowerBall ->.

Mega Millions Lottery (USA)


Check Mega Millions lotto results, rollover and the date of the next draw:

Play the biggest USA Lotteries

Play the biggest USA Lotteries

Check previous lotto and Mega Millions lottery results

Mega Millions lotto is yet another interstate lottery played in the United States. Since July 2008 12 lotteries have participated in Mega Millions lotto and a minimum pool for the top prizes is 12 million American dollars. If you win, the jackpot is paid out in 26 annual instalments.

Since 2008 to make a bet you select five numbers from 1 to 56 (white balls) and an additional one from numbers 1 to 46 (Mega Ball number, golden ball.) Mega Ball number may be the same as one of the numbers from the 1 to 56 range because the balls are drawn from two different machines.

The draws usually take place at WSB-TV in Atlanta at 11:00 p.m. eastern American time on Tuesdays and Fridays. The host is the famous WSB tv weather presenter, Glenn Burns. If you want to know more, please click here.

UK Lotto Lottery - National Lottery (Camelot, Great Britain)


In the UK Lotto, six numbers are drawn from 49 individually marked balls, just like the additional number. After a draw the balls are not returned to the machine because each ball along with the additional one may be drawn once only. If you want to register and place your bet click here.

UK Lotto results, rollover and the date of the next draw: - win up to 42 million Pounds


Check the previous lotto results and UK Lotto - National Lottery winnings

The players pick six different numbers when they make a lottery bet. Prizes are paid out for bets with at least three matched numbers. During the draw an additional number is drawn. It is of use only to the players who selected five out of six numbers. The pay-out is bigger if you match five numbers and the additional number than just a basic "five".

Each player who selects correctly all six numbers wins a proportional part of the 1st degree pool – ‘the jackpot’. The odds of winning the main prize are 1 in 13,983,816. In the case of the players who matched at least four numbers out of six the prize pool designated for this is divided proportionally among all those who got "a four".

If none of the players gets all six numbers the prize pool rolls over to the next draw and a rollover occurs. It is limited to three consecutive draws. Draws take part on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Saturday draws began on 19 November 1994 under the name "national lottery". The first Wednesday draw happened on 5 February 1997. BBC One broadcasts UK Lotto draws.


As you know the majority of regular lotto players always select the same numbers or rely on lotto systems. Some employ their own ideas others search books or the internet.

Lotto systems serve as a means of predicting future draws results. They are based on past lotto results, and use statistical tools to calculate the most common lottery numbers. People familiar with statistics may choose the number themselves or devise some other system. However for everybody else, there are a variety of free and pay for lotto programs which on the bases of previous results generate numbers for future draws.

In ordered to satisfy our customers curiosity and to help you get the highest prizes we are creating a lotto statistics, systems and programs  department. We are going to make sure that each of you finds something of interest there.

Register and play for real millions!

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Euro Millions is a common LOTTO system integrating Belgium, Spain, France, Austria, Portugal, the UK and Switzerland. Th number of online players increases daily hence you get a chance of winning a rather impressive sum! The no rollover LOTTO ‘jackpot’ is 15 million Euros- nearly 23 million dollars, and the highest rollover so far is 185 million Euros - 267 million dlollars!

Current Euro Millions draw results, SuperEnalotto, PowerBall, Mega Millions and UK Lotto are always available on our website. Euro Millions Lotto draw is each Friday and Tuesday evening. Win Euro Millions in Euro Millions Lotto – play with PlayEuroMillions. Now also PowerBallMegaMillions and SuperLotto Plus – the three greatest American lotteries are available to you as well as the famous Italian SuperEnalotto. Play in the greatest lotteries in the world.

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